After the downturn of our economy, and seemingly over the last year WoW is used everywhere!  In ads, on billboards, on signs.. many industries are joining the WoW craze to scream "We Are The Best At Taking Care Of Our Clients".   Healthcare, hospitality, mobile and retail WoW has become a mantra.  Almost a standard of excellence.

When WoW Customer Experience Group was founded in 2009 there were the leaders, Disney, Nordstrom, Zappos, Ritz Carlton, Mercedes, who led the pack when referencing Wow experiences.  We utilized alot of this data and thought leadership from those who were pioneers on the subjects to formulate our content at the time.

Today, it is astounding to see the amount of content and the participation in customer and now even patient engagement. However, it seems that the basic formula remains the same. Getting close to the customer, understanding their needs and how you can deliver  it in a way they want it delivered ultimately leads to success, even in a digital world.  This leads to the Voice of the Employee, the number one way to hear what the customer is saying remains to covet your most valuable asset, your employee and listen to them.  The beauty of the increased data means more participation, better data and quantification and justified ROI.  What I find disappointing are some of the leaders like Best Buy who paved the way with customer centricity struggling as they seemed to let WoW fall by the wayside. 

So, as we wrote in 2009 it still remains the same - while some of the content in the research below is trade specific, we truly feel that engagement, experience and the importance of employee involvement are truly trade agnostic.  So whether it is customer, patient, client or guest experiences they should all include the elements to create a WoW for those that are transacting business with you.

Current Research Recommendations:

Knowledge at Wharton

Wharton teams with various businesses and other schools to study a myriad of topics.  Recently their Jay H. Baker Retailing Initiative teamed with the The Verde Group and the Retail Council of Canada to study customer experiences.  The results, titled "Getting to "WoW": Consumers describe What Makes a Great Shopping Experience".  We believe this to be the most comprehensive, unbiased research done.

Bill Gates' Personal WoW Moments

Listen to Bill Gates' excitement about starting Microsoft.

    American Express Open Forum

    A community site for small businesses that has a collection of talent, content and ideation that keeps you refreshed and feeling connected, especially for those that may have been part of a large team in the past and now find themselves working as a freelancer or consultant.  This site gives you the feeling that you can truly colloborate with like minds virtually.  The Idea Hub - a place to learn and discuss innovation, technology, marketing and the world! 

    A great job done by American Express Open Forum and their development team!

    Check out the Idea Hub Research today!  You will also find a complete array of research for all industries. 

    Research - Find some of the most cutting edge research for most industries.

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