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What is Your Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee Strategy? 

Understanding Your Voice of the Customer, Patient & Employee is Imperative in Strategic Planning!

WoW Customer Experience Group is passionate about, and dedicated to, helping our clients use customer or patient feedback as the key factors when making strategic brand, marketing and execution decisions. 



Having loyal customers, patients & employees will result in increasing your profits.


These are retail statistics, but to be considered in all businesses:

  • Most Voice of the Customer (VOC) managers are using traditional tools to monitor feedback, such as sending a survey after a transaction or monitoring customer e-mails.*
  • Just 12% are monitoring verbatim comments on blogs and social media. *
  • Only 27% of all respondents said they were very likely or likely to incorporate feedback from social media *
  • Although 68% of respondents said it was important or very important to link customer feedback with revenue or ROI, 51 % reported they do not currently practice this.*

It seems the Healthcare industry is catching on as well.  According to these recent articles patient experience mophing into a consumer experience and staff selection are highlighted as priorities for insuring future profits:


11 Challenges & Opportunties for Orthopedic & Spine Practices in 2010


5 New Develoments in Orthopedics


9 Ways Hospitals Can Still Make More Money


Is your company TRULY leading your stategy with the Voice of the Customer and Employee?  Set your business apart - begin to utilize the customer feedback you have into your decision making process!



Let our passionate consultants at WoW Customer Experience Group help.


*Allegiance, Voice of the Customer (VOC) Industry Research Report, 9/2009

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