March 30th 2010 @ 11:05 am

Take the WoW Customer Experience Tour

Welcome to the WoW store! It is a pleasure to meet you and I hope we can create an environment that you want to visit often.  Hopefully our signage will easily direct you to a place of interest, but we thought it would be fun to give you a tour.  Take a look at the scrolling pictures above – these include key elements of creating a WoW moment.  The purpose of our store is to offer a place to find helpful information and shop for services regarding creating WoW Moments for customers, patients and clients.  What would you like for the store to offer you?After your tour, please register for our notifications, e-mail updates and bookmark your favorite pages for easy reference.

You are now visiting our Blog Page which will be updated at least once per week with insightful tips and tricks, industry news and research on the topic of customer/patient experience and engagement and how they relate to creating WoW Moments.It is easily accessible by visiting this page, signing up for RSS feeds, following us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you click on the big red buttons you will learn about our products; consulting, workshops, speakers and training.  Check these out to learn about our methodologies and processes.  After you have visited you will be able to understand our culture and our approach to working with our clients and students.

The next stop is on the lower right hand side where we host helpful links.  These are relevant links on research and industry news regarding customer and patient experience.  We’ve also added links that provide you easy access to associations which provide volumes of information for our intended visitors.  If you have any suggestions for more links, please let us know.  These links will be refreshed about every six weeks.

At the top of the page you will see a host of tabs (departments).  Our recommendation is to start with Who We Are which describes our mission.  Next click on Helping You Wow (highly recommended) which asks you questions about your current customer/patient experience state and gives you insight into how we can help enhance it.  You will also see a link Meet Terrie (ME!!) that highlights my experience and passion in creating WoW Moments.

The next stop is What We Do which is a drop down of the large red buttons on the blog page for consulting, workshops, speaking and training.  

We hope you visit us often for our updated Research.  Here you will find the best of the best in Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee and Creating WoW Moments.  Let us do some of the filtering for you.  We recommend you bookmark this page as these will be updated once per month with notifications in our RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Our last stop is our Training room.  Again, this is one that is highly recommended and will be updated once every six weeks with content and training schedules for live training, webinars and podcasts.  Currently click on this tab to learn about the 5 pillars for creating WoW moments.

That is the end of our tour.  We hope we created a pleasant customer experience for you and hopefully left you with at least a couple of WoW memorable moments!  Are there any questions?   Can we follow up with you?  Send us an e-mail and we will definitely respond.  Please sign up for our e-mail updates and notifications.  We look forward to seeing you again soon and communicating on Twitter & Facebook. 

Terrie Rolwes

“Take the WoW Customer Experience Tour – Blog”  Terrie Rolwes  March 29, 2010

Wow Customer Experience Group, LLC  St. Louis, Mo.

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