April 28th 2010 @ 8:04 pm

The Result of the WoW Anticipation

Ritz Carlton St. Louis

My last blog talked about the anticipation of my evening of WoW.  Knowing that the track record of the Ritz Carlton and iFratellini should result in an incredible evening, did they disappoint?  No! While there could have been some failing marks for a late seating for our 9:00 dinner reservation, seats at the bar and a round of drinks compliments of the manager, along with profuse apologies for a table of lingering guests, helped to ease the hunger pangs.  We didn't need to complain, the offer to ease the situation was truly appreciated.

Each establishment hit the elements of WoW.  From the time they parked the car at the Ritz, recognizing us and leaving our car in front so we could quickly leave to get to our dinner reservation, to the return of a glass of wine that didn't "seem right" with no hesitation, to the great server, Josh.  All was a WoW!  Then off to iFratellini, a first time for our friends, was a hit all the way around.  The European ambiance, the incredible food and the staff who insured our night was perfect.  Of course, having Bob Costas dine two tables away certainly added to the fun and memories.  

Memories - a night of WoW!  What will I remember and why will I continue to tell everyone about our great experiences? 

  • Being recognized as a regular guest, even though regular can mean we only frequent iFratellini every couple of months.   Treated as though you are "special", who doesn't love it?
  • The environment.  The mood is set.....the lighting, the music, the aroma, the cleanliness - you want to enter - you want to stay.
  • The staff.  Professional, friendly, empowered to provide a great experience.
  • The product.  The food, the wine.  I'll remember the Corn Chowder and hope they will have it again when I return.  The wine list that I can count on to offer a good variety by the glass.
  • The exit.  Hearty thank yous and wishes for a quick return
  • THE CONVERSATIONS....our great evening with friends

How much do you think this memory costs each establishment?  If you read my about my memories it goes back to the simplicity of creating WoW moments.  First Impression, the environment, the right people in the right jobs, the product has to be good, lasting impression - make sure to say thanks.  None of these elements should cost you anything, but can add a great deal to your profits.


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