April 24th 2010 @ 4:11 pm

Anticipating an Evening of WoW

In a life that is filled with medicority I love the anticipation of an evening of WoW.  Tonight will start with great friends, drinks at the Ritz Carlton St. Louis, which has absolutely the best lobby bar in the United States and dinner at a small European style Italian restaurant, iFratellini.  It will be an evening of WoW.

How can I be assured that tonight will be a WoW moment?  Because creating WoW moments is second nature for these establishments.  We will pull up to the Ritz, where the valet will remember our name and we'll enter the comfy, warm atmoshphere that is typically Ritz, in this case typical is good!  Our server will be polished, professional and friendly providing a great cocktail list and their signature tray of mixed nuts.  We will be thanked for our business and will be acknowledged by all staff we encounter. 

It will be much the same at iFratellini where the atmosphere sets the stage and the manager who greets you makes you feel at home.  It may be very busy, but we'll put that aside in the anticipation of a great meal served by warm, friendly servers who are proud of their part in making this a WoW experience for their guests.  The manager will stop by several times to insure our experience is acceptable and when we are finished will walk us towards the door with a wonderful thank you and request to come back again soon.

The anticipation of WoW!  I wonder how many establishments are preparing to WoW their guests tonight?

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