Do you have a WoW Company?  Ask and listen to your customers.

Experiential, hands on sessions to work together on identifying gaps & building solutions

Motivate your audiences with WoW presentations and speakers

Changing behaviors with WoW Experential Training

“A WoW moment is when there is a personal emotional connection to a brand, product, service or business — resulting in brand loyalty”
-Terrie Rolwes
March 25th 2014 @ 2:03 pm

WoW You See It

WOW!  You see it everywhere today.  It seems to be a brand among itself.  I've asked the question for five years - what is WoW? 

WoW Customer Experience Group is passionate and dedicated to helping our clients build brand loyalty and profits by creating WoW Moments. We feel there is no need to degredate your brand by couponing, or "giving your services away". Utilizing our data driven, proven Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Employee formula for success we’ll work with you to identify ways to build profits, a loyal customer base and retain your valued employees.  

Contact us to discuss how we can help you:

Design, invigorate, or analyze your business organization and workplace to create a WoW work environment

Create WoW brand, marketing and communication tools that speak to your desired customer and their needs

Develop experiential training and curriculum that create a WoW moment resulting in retention

Motivate your audiences with WoW presentations and speakers

The formula to create a WoW moment remains the same for all businesses and we are dedicated to practice what we preach.  Each project is treated individually from start to finish, with you, and your business need driving the vision, the scalable menu of services and the budget.  

Working with other St. Louis partners WoW can provide solutions for complex end to end strategic programs, along with specific marketing, communication, training and sales programs. 

Many now hang their hat on the word WoW and some have included it in their marketing strategy, but I still believe that Steve Palmisano, CEO of IBM hits the nail on the head. He attributed their great financial success to his steadfast leadership that has been grounded in the foundation of four questions that he never waivered from. (their mantra)  He says his guiding framework boils down to four questions:

“Why would someone spend their money with you – so what is unique about you?

“Why would somebody work for you?

“Why would society allow you to operate in their defined geography – their country?

“And why would somebody invest their money with you?”

The WoW Customer Experience formula for business strategy success is a very similar forumula and it remains the same for large corporations and small business.  If you understand your customer, know what they want, and have dedicated, happy employees, who feel empowered to make decisions and understand how their role plays a part in the overall success of the team or the company, you will have a company that is profitable and people will want to invest.

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